It's embarrassing that they look too beautiful and bump into their faces

ring tertainment Zhuangao (text / small Han) still remember joy song in Wang Ziwens appearance,
was Tucao hit face Papi sauce? There was also someone online asking,
is Wang Ziwen Papi sauce? And recently,
Li FeiEr took a group photo,
short hair,
she put on sunglasses,
and the strength of the face Wang Ziwen,
Wang Ziwen really long a public face ah.
Figure 1,
figure 2,
4 Li FeiEr,
3 Wang Ziwen,
in fact,
there are many entertainment actress looks very similar,
probably until today you are still misunderstood that TV is the hit the face of her speech.
Li FeiEr photo by netizens for Wang Ziwen Yao Di Xinyi Zhang hit the face innocently tell Yao Di and Xinyi Zhang,
who is who,
who is a very difficult problem buddy,
until two people rely on hair with perfect distinction,
this topic before the end.
That year,
Yao Di to a naked marriage age of concern,
Xinyi Zhang is relying on the Beijing love story fame,
two people looks somewhat similar,
but also have a fresh and lively girl next door i