ring ing of the end,
always change,
change the horizon,
you drift outside the clouds.
One day you thumb by two things brush screen,
one is bainiaozhaofeng,
one is Lowell Los love life.
As for the bainiaozhaofeng thumb,
Jun to say yesterday has already finished.
Lets talk about love of life today.
Thumb Jun think the song is actually like wine,
the more Chen,
the more touching.
Hear the 66 year old Lowell Lo holding the guitar sing long love life,
I break up the scene and Daisy jumped out.
Love of life is probably Lowell Los most famous song,
but few people know that the lyrics of the song was written by a woman who was the woman Lowell Lo loved all her life.
She is Tang Shuchen.
Tang Shuchens background is unusual.
Her grandfather was the general in the Republic of Chinas Tang Jiyao,
and Sun Zhongshan,
Cai E fought.
Because this was born in the family,
Tang Shuchen grew up studying a lot of poetry,
so she later wrote the lyrics full rhyme.
For example,
in 1988,
she danyuanrencha