The sleeping God wanted me to be in charge of him

ring ly lit hotel room there was an air of uncertainty.
The door opened,
followed by footsteps.
Someone is coming in! Mu Xiaoxiao heart filled with an ominous feeling: who? The man who entered did not answer.
As the footsteps approached,
her heart jumped faster,
but she had no strength to climb.
As the closer she came,
she had been able to see a figure blurred,
though she could not see her face,
but she was clearly a man.
Who is it? The man suddenly leaned over,
a pinch I chin: with you a present woman,
can I ask who? Even if she couldnt see clearly,
she could feel the cold in her eyes.
do you all like to play this kind of means? Man cool sound harsh,
what do you call this line.
? Doesnt he think shes that kind of woman? Xiaoxiao has slightly wrinkled,
his voice got harder: I say again! Im not a woman to offer! Uh huh? The man doesnt seem as Xiaoxiao discontent and anger,
but leisurely sit to the bedside: woman,
if you are playing with words that I