To explain this weekend small Cui pony starring Yang Yang of Yuyao Wanda Plaza, a piece of the glint and flash of cold steel

ring day,
small Cui,
Yang Yang hosts three starring,
Yuyao Wanda Plaza,
a fact,
this is the glint and flash of cold steel.
the sound of traffic FM93 thirteenth spring Car Buying savings Yao station,
three hosts live help you bargain! Auto show car type,
brand all,
we only for 93 listeners strive for maximum benefits! Buy a car,
we have the source of goods! FM93 Taiwan series of activities in the thirteenth session of the Spring Festival Car Buying new upgrade! This time we will tour the five places in the province.
On May 14th,
15 (Saturday and Sunday),
YuYao Railway Station will be held at Wanda plaza! Xiao Cui,
Yang Yang airborne site to help you bargain! Bargain for you! Bargain for you! Spring car festival,
YuYao Railway Station,
15 (Saturday,
Sunday) Wanda Plaza,
as long as the registration to the scene! Yes! Prize! Immediately send text buy a car to FM93 WeChat platform hifm93 registration,
the scene can receive sign in ceremony,
everyone has a prize! Site