You can be proud, but please don't sneer at a movie man's knees

ring ng,
open eyes,
Sir circle of friends is one thing -- Shuabing bainiaozhaofeng producer Fang Li,
last night in a broadcast platform,
called for increased row of film as cinema manager.
while in front of the camera,
He said: if you can give us a golden court this weekend,
the old party will kowtow for you and kneel for you.
In order to director Wu Tianmings wish,
for the audience,
I would like to beg you.
Some people may be unfamiliar with the name Fang xing.
More and more people call him Chinese underground film father and the mainland famous,
he is involved in the investment - Anyang baby the Summer Palace and apple in recent years,
his name more with Li Yubang -- Guanyin Mountain two growth exposure 000 worked with him the director said,
Fang is the very few,
really understand the movie producer.
As large as the script,
small to the end of the subtitle size,
are all involved.
He did not like Zhang Weiping will come .