The fresh flowers ready to be endowed with both beauty and talent to the pinnacle of life.

ring y warning: This is a hard,
hard hard wide,
but also a very likely to let you step toward the peak of life,
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from Tencents Penguin pictures high-profile release of 2016 strongest fresh meat collection order.
If you want to invest already be endowed with both beauty and talent to the embrace of the nouveau riche Tencent? Here comes the chance,
thats all! As long as you show full of love as long as you are full of confidence in his acting penguin to your acting talent film is responsible for an outbreak of exports after a long wait,
the butterfly blue creation,
known as the full-time master gaming God novels,
finally to be a movie.
This CO produced by the Beijing media and the penguin pictures Fung Ling River production system for the super network drama officially launched.
There are so many characters in the play.
Perhaps you are the audiences Ye Xiu and Su Mu orange! In addition to the recruitment of full-time Master,
also for video and film Tencent Penguin homemade drama gam